• Vote for the PlasticRoad for the Cobouw Award

    PlasticRoad is one of the nominees for the Cobouw Award in the category ‘best product’. Cobouw is a Dutch renown trade publication for the construction and infrastructure sector.  Votes can be placed from 1 October until the 4th of November. The Cobouw Awards will be presented on Wednesday November 21st. The PlasticRoad became reality on 11 September with the first pilot bike path in Zwolle.

    Vote for the PlasticRoad

    Do you think the PlasticRoad deserves this ward? Please vote for us through this link. It will only take a minute of your time. Thanks in advance.

    The Cobouw Awards

    From all entries an independent expert jury has selected three nominees. For best employer of the year, most sustainable project of the year and best product of the year. From the 1st of October until the 4th of November votes can be placed one time per category. These votes count for 1/3 of the final result, the expert jury’s vote counts for 2/3.