• PlasticRoad receives EUR 700,000 grant for preparing for industrial production

    PlasticRoad received the Topsector Energy grant of EUR 700,000. This grant has been allocated to our carbon-saving product by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The awarded funds will support us to round off the engineering phase and prepare for the industrial production of PlasticRoad elements in the production location in Hardenberg (NL). As expected the production will start from the first quarter of 2021 on.  


    This project grant has been allocated in the context of the Scheme for Energy and Climate Innovation Demonstrations for the Circular Economy (DEI+ in Dutch). The key criterion for eligibility for funding under the DEI+ scheme is that the company’s product will result in a significant reduction in carbon emissions. With carbon savings of 52 to 72% compared to conventional road paving, the PlasticRoad amply fulfils this requirement*.  


    “At PlasticRoad, our objective is to develop the most sustainable infrastructure in the world”, Anne Koudstaal, inventor and director of product at PlasticRoad saysA low carbon footprint is one of the main priorities in our product development process. The grant of the Ministry of Economic  

    Affairs enables us to upscale and fully prepare our product for industrial production. In addition, this funding serves as independent confirmation of PlasticRoad’s contribution to the circular economy and its strong potential in terms of carbon savings. We are consequently delighted with this allocation.”  


    Carbon-saving and climate-adaptive 

    The PlasticRoad will initially be deployed as a bike path, parking lot, railway platform,  and sidewalk. Extensive conversations with a variety of prospective clients are at an advanced stage. The completion of the start of PlasticRoad’s industrial production in the first quarter of 2021 coincides with the final stage of the support under the DEI+ scheme. 


    The two PlasticRoad pilots in partnership with the Province of Overijssel and the Municipality of Zwolle have yielded such positive results that the firm can confidently take this next step. The innovative road construction combines solutions for urgent problems governments struggle with. Because of climate change flooding and settlements due to soft soil occur. Next to that the PlasticRoad helps in the reduction of harmful carbon emissions and the excess plastic waste issues.  


    *The range of 52 to 72in carbon savings is based on the PlasticRoad type used in the pilots in Zwolle and Giethoorn. It is presented as a range in view of the variation in circumstances under which these PlasticRoads were constructed, as well as variations in the existing paving.