• PlasticRoad Eric Kievit

    PlasticRoad appoints Eric Kievit as Managing Director

    With the appointment of Eric Kievit as its new Managing Director, PlasticRoad bv has taken the next step in realising its ambition to create a sustainable, climate-adaptive infrastructure. The firm responsible for developing the eponymous road – a circular design based on recycled plastic – is currently readying itself for the official market introduction of its product in the first quarter of 2021. The sustainable infrastructure firm will be scaling up further under Kievit’s leadership. PlasticRoad bv was established as a private limited liability company earlier this year, with the companies Wavin and VolkerWessels as shareholders. Over the past few years the concept was developed into what it is today: a full-fledged product that is ready for market launch.


    Eric Kievit (34) has extensive experience with starting and scaling up new hi-tech enterprises. For example, Kievit is the cofounder of DENSsolutions, a market leader in nano and micro technology and manufacturer of research equipment for electron microscopy. In his capacity of COO, Kievit bore responsibility for the firm’s global marketing and sales strategy, among other things. He went on to establish his own consultancy, helping Dutch and international organisations in a variety of sectors to streamline their commercial activities. Kievit graduated with honours from Delft University of Technology’s Mechanical Engineering programme, later adding an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management to his qualifications.


    For PlasticRoad, Kievit’s track record at the helm of international start-ups and his background in technology and business administration form an ideal combination for guiding the company’s further growth. “We are fully confident that with Eric Kievit’s appointment, we will be optimally positioned to exploit PlasticRoad’s potential as a circular and climate-adaptive solution for national and international clients. Over the course of his career, Eric has repeatedly shown the qualities required to build both start-ups and reputable organisations into successful businesses. We look forward to working together with him,” say PlasticRoad board members Gert-Jan Maasdam (Wavin) and Rolf Mars (VolkerWessels).


    Climate change, flooding, the need for a smarter infrastructure and an excess of plastic waste regularly make the headlines. Kievit’s decision to join PlasticRoad was motivated in part by the direct relevance of its product to our collective effort to raise sustainability and reduce the towering mountains of plastic waste and surpluses. “Together with the PlasticRoad team, I intend to maximise our impact. With the new generation of industrially manufactured PlasticRoads, we will be helping to build a more sustainable world for future generations. This prospect not only appeals to me as a professional, but definitely also as a father.”


    Market introduction in the first quarter of 2021

    The PlasticRoad will be manufactured in Hardenberg as of the first quarter of 2021, at which point the product will also be available for purchase. Next to Kievit the PlasticRoad Management Team exists of Marcel Jager and Anne Koudstaal. The company is talking with a variety of innovative parties that have expressed a concrete interest, including municipalities, provincial administrations, water boards and private firms. In addition, it is in the midst of preparing for full-scale production. Shareholders Wavin (European market leader in the area of plastic pipeline systems) and VolkerWessels (one of the Netherlands’ largest contractors) support the development of the PlasticRoad with their knowledge and expertise.