• PlasticRoadINDEXaward

    KWS innovation PlasticRoad present at international INDEX Award ceremony

    The PlasticRoad concept will become reality as a bike path by the end of this year

    The PlasticRoad of VolkerWessels subsidiary KWS (market leader in road construction in the Netherlands), Total and Wavin, was a finalist during last Friday’s international INDEX Award ceremony. This prestigious prize was awarded in Elsinore, Denmark. The PlasticRoad concept was one of the finalists in the category ‘community’. The INDEX Award is the biggest design award in the world with a total prize sum of 500.000 euros. It is a biyearly prize for the most sustainable designs that increase the quality of life. A theme which also is high on the agendas of both VolkerWessels and KWS.

    From over 1400 entries from 85 countries the PlasticRoad was selected as a finalist in the category ‘community’ in June. The concept Ethereum was the winner in this category. Next to this category ‘body’, ‘play & learning’, ‘home’ and ‘work’ were the other categories. Per category one winner was chosen last Friday and they were each rewarded with a prize sum of 100.000 euros.

    Anne Koudstaal (KWS), Yvette Entius (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Henk Swarttouw (Dutch ambassador in Denmark) and Simon Jorritsma (KWS)

    PlasticRoad inventors Anne Koudstaal (Business Development Advisor at KWS) and Simon Jorritsa (Advisor Sustainability at KWS) were present at the award ceremony in Elsinore. Also Dutch ambassador in Denmark Henk Swarttouw joined the ceremony.

    “We feel honoured that our concept the PlasticRoad was a finalist of this important international prize. Together with our PlasticRoad partner companies Total and Wavin we will continue to work hard to realize the first PlasticRoad by the end of this year.”



    Status of the Plasticroad

    At this moment the prototype of the PlasticRoad is being tested by KWS, Wavin and Total. By the end of this year KWS will install the first plastic road in the shape of a bike path somewhere in the Netherlands. This bike path will be between 30 and 50 meters long and will be made out of the prefab, modular PlasticRoad elements of recycled plastic.